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Founded by John Shamshoian in 1991, Realty Concepts is a real estate brokerage with offices in Fresno, Clovis, and Oakhurst.  Over the years, Realty Concepts has expanded to serve the Central Valley successfully, while maintaining our integrity and close-knit family atmosphere. Our agents are local experts, with deep ties in their communities and a dedication to meeting each of their clients’ needs.

At our core, Realty Concepts is a family first, and a company second. By placing people before profits, we have created a culture wherein our agents are empowered, our communities are served and our clients are cherished. “We’re obsessed with our culture. We don’t run our business like a business. We see Realty Concepts as a mission: to serve our Realtors so they can serve their clients,” explains J.P. Shamshoian, President of Realty Concepts.

At Realty Concepts, our values are simple: quality before quantity, service before sales, people before profits, you before us. Every day, we work to deliver on that promise.

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About Anatalia Calpito

Anatalia is a proud agent with the Realty Concepts team. She is most passionate about family, church community, and fashion. Recently, she renovated her first house using her creative gifts to produce a great family home setting and environment. With a degree in Accounting and a successful career managing her own financial services agency, Anatalia is excited to build trusted advisor relationships with new Real Estate clients. Growing up in a great family of business owners where every family member shared responsibilities, Anatalia was strongly influenced by her parents' role models of mutual trust, respect, integrity, and a strong work ethic. She values working in an environment where there is in alignment with her values and a positive, result driven culture where she can do her best and have fun. Anatalia resides in Clovis, CA with her husband and children. Her spare time is spent in family travel, fashion, and volunteering.